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Series: PSE EX 22

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Piezo Switch for Explosive Environments

3 Variants

Description PSE EX 22


  • Piezo switch certified according to ATEX and IECEx
  • Pins, crimp terminal male, plug-in connector


  • Housing material types: aluminum, brass chrome-plated or stainless steel
  • High reliability, long lifetime with more than 20 mill. actuations
    Easy to clean due to a tightly closed surface (IP69K)
  • for use in harsh environments (see technical data), in potentially explosive applications and environments where volatile fumes, gases and dust are present
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White Paper English White Paper Selection Criteria Switches

Electrical Data

Switching Function


Switching Voltage

Ui max. 24 / 24 VAC/DC

Switching Current

Ii max. 40 mA

Rated Breaking Capacity (Temperature Class T5/T100°C)

Pi max. 0.96 W

Rated Breaking Capacity (Temperature Class T6/T85°C)

Pi max. 0.7 W


20 million actuations at Rated Switching Capacity

Switch Resistance OFF

> 10 kΩ

Switch Resistance ON

< 20 mΩ


5 pF

N.O. Closing Impulse Duration

20-  1000 ms

Contact Configuration

free polarity 

Mechanical Data

Actuating Force

≤ 3 N at ambient temperature

Actuating Travel

0.002 mm

Shock Protection

IK 02 

Mounting screw torque

2.5 Nm

Climatical Data

Operating Temperature

-20 to 60 °C

Storage Temperature

-20 to 60 °C


IP67 acc. to IEC 60529,  IP69K acc. to DIN 40050-9

Environmental Assessment

+55°C /  93% r.h. acc. to DIN EN 60068-2-30

Salt Spray Test (acc. to DIN 50021-SS)

24 h / 48 h / 96 h Residence Time 


Housing (depending on type)

Stainless Steel, Aluminum anodized 

Detailed information on product approvals, code requirements, usage instructions and detailed test conditions can be looked up in  Details about Approvals

SCHURTER products are designed for use in industrial environments. They have approvals from independent testing bodies according to national and international standards. Products with specific characteristics and requirements such as required in the automotive sector according to IATF 16949, medical technology according to ISO 13485 or in the aerospace industry can be offered exclusively with customer-specific, individual agreements by SCHURTER.


Approval Reference Type: PSE EX

Approval Logo Certification Body Description
Country Flag EU_Symbole_Fahne EU EMC: EMC directive 2004/108/EWG
Country Flag EU_Symbole_Fahne EU ATEX / IECEx Approval Marking: ␍ Ex II 2 GD␍ Ex ib IIC T6...T5 Gb␍ Ex ib IIIC T85°C...T100°C Db
Approval marks MIL_Standard MIL-STD Certificate Number: 202F Method 107G, 202F Method 204D, 202F Method 213B, 416D Method RS103, 810E Method 501.3, 810E Method 502.3, 810E Method 507.3
Partners VDE VDE Certificate Number: DIN EN 61000-4-2, DIN EN 61000-4-4
Approval marks EX Eurofins Certificate Number: SEV 13 ATEX 0170
Approval marks IEC EX Eurofins Certificate Number: IECEx SEV 13.0011

Application standards

Application standards where the product can be used

Organization Design Standard Description
Partners IEC_Certification_Body Designed for applications acc. IEC/UL 60950 IEC 60950-1 includes the basic requirements for the safety of information technology equipment.


The product complies with following Guide Lines

Identification Details Initiator Description
Environment_Safety RoHS_Logo_color_CMYK_tif SCHURTER AG Directive RoHS 2011/65/EU, Amendment (EU) 2015/836
Environment_Safety REACH SCHURTER AG On 1 June 2007, Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals 1 (abbreviated as "REACH") entered into force.


Picture(s) Selection of product pictures to display a specific variant of the type


Type Corresponds to a product series and includes various distinct variants. On the type of descriptive data are summarized, eg in the data sheet

Order Number

Order Number Unique part number for placing an order

Configuration key

Configuration key The configuration key of a product consists of the composite key values, which describe the different kinds of attribut distinction.


Comment CAD drawings are for modeling purposes only

Model Description

Model Description Abbreviated description of the CAD model


IGS Also mentioned as IGES ( Initial Graphics Exchange Specification). Common program indipendent interchange format for 3D CAD data.


Step Also mentioned as STEP ( Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data). Common program indipendent interchange format for 3D CAD data standardized according ISO standard.


Parasolid Parasolid modeling kernel is a 3D CAD systems. It is developed by a separate business unit within the Unigraphics Solutions (UGS), now Siemens PLM Software.


DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) is a specified by the Autodesk file format for CAD data exchange, and was developed for the 2D-CAD program AutoCAD. A DXF file describes a CAD model as plain text to the ASCII standard.

PSE EX 22 PSE EX 22 AxxF-S
1241.2495.3 1241.2495.5 1241.2495.8

Dimension [mm]

PSE M22 with Pins

PSE M22 (incl. RGB)

Drilling diagram

The last three digits in the order number define the lettering:  
  Standard Lettering
101- Customized Lettering
Lettering - Aluminium / Plastic Material Bestellbeispiel_PSE_EX_Alu_Kunststoff_english
Lettering - Stainless Steel Bestellbeispiel_PSE_EX_Edelstahl_english
Material Lettering Colour    
Stainless Steel black Filled letters  
Aluminum natural anodized light grey Filled letters (only after customer approval)
Aluminum coloured anodized light grey Filled letters  
Laser Marking      
001 = A 021 = U 041 = ÷ 061 = EIN
002 = B 022 = V 042 = ✳ 062 = AUS
003 = C 023 = W 043 = = 063 = AUF
004 = D 024 = X 044 = # 064 = AB
005 = E 025 = Y 045 = ↔ 065 = ON
006 = F 026 = Z 046 = ↕ 066 = OFF
007 = G 027 = 0 047 = → 067 = UP
008 = H 028 = 1 048 = ← 068 = DOWN
009 = I 029 = 2 049 = ↓ 069 = HIGH
010 = J 030 = 3 050 = ↑ 070 = LOW
011 = K 031 = 4 051 = % 071 = ON/OFF
012 = L 032 = 5 052 = √ 072 = START
013 = M 033 = 6 053 = CTRL 073 = RESET
014 = N 034 = 7 054 = RETURN 074 =
015 = O 035 = 8 055 = SHIFT 075 =
016 = P 036 = 9 056 = LOCK 076 =
017 = Q 037 = + 057 = STOP 077 =
018 = R 038 = - 058 = ENTER  
019 = S 039 = . 059 = BACK  
020 = T 040 = x 060 = LINE  
- Actuating elements in ESD safe packaging
- Screw nuts and sealing rings in a bag (enclosd in the box)

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Mounting Diameter [mm] Terminal Housing Material Order Number

Variant Details

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22 Pins Aluminum 1241.2495.3 ...
22 Pins Aluminum 1241.2495.5 ...
22 Pins Aluminum 1241.2495.8 ...
Annotation to the protection type:
- The explosion protected piezo switch element (PSE EX) has the function of a NO (normally open) switch.
- Permissible voltage and current of the PSE EX are limited, so that the PSE EX is intrinsically safe in accordance with EN60079-11 (see Technical Data).
- The use of the PSE EX is permitted in areas where the formation of explosive athmospheres caused by gases, fumes, mist or dust mixing with air occurs occasionally. The explosion protected PSE is classified according to EN 600079-0 in the device group II, category 2.

- The permissible operating temperature is - 20°C to 60°C.- The approval will cease when the type label is removed.
- The switch has to be installed and used according to IEC/EN 60079-14 and IEC/EN 60079-25.
The listed item numbers represent a selection of the range of piezo switches. Other mounting diameters, materials, colors, connections and symbols are available on request.Special materials for use in salt and chlorinated environment on request.
The MOQ for standard laser lettering on standard variants is 10 pieces.
Alternative: Standard version (2)

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Connecting Terminal PSE

Connecting Terminal

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