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Supreme Brand Award 2018

Chi Lick SCHURTER Ltd. receives the “Supreme Brand Award 2018” in the category of electronic components in China.

The increasing awareness of the SCHURTER brand in the Chinese electronic components and manufacturing market captured the attention of the award committee which is jointly formed by CEO Capital, CEO Entrepreneur and South China Media Group. Therefore the committee encouraged Chi Lick SCHURTER Ltd. to participate the event. The awards are presented to brands or companies which have outstanding services and products offered to customers in their business category and recognize the outstanding corporate brands that have been developed and managed effectively during the year.

After a long evaluation process on the basis of product innovation, contribution to the market, brand sustainability and many documents provided such as product quality reports, customer satisfaction surveys and employee satisfaction results, Chi Lick SCHURTER Ltd. received the award.

The award ceremony took place in December 2018. Besides Chi Lick SCHURTER Ltd. other brands in different categories were awarded among them Audi, American Express or Etihad.

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