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SCHURTER, SWISS Fuse Manufacturer with 75 Years of Experience, now goes into Space

SCHURTER, continuously raising the bar for quality, has developed from a family business making fuses for domestic and commercial installations into a manufacturer of high-tech products used in space.

SCHURTER, founded in 1933 in Lucerne ist still a family enterprise, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The company, which started out as a manufacturer of fuses for use in domestic and commercial installations, continuously expanded its expertise in response to its customers' needs. Today, SCHURTER manufactures and distributes some 6000 different, high-quality passive components for the electrical and electronics industries, focusing mainly on ensuring safe power to equipment and easy operation.

The excellent quality of SCHURTER's products is the result of purposeful, market oriented development in close cooperation with its partners as well as the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and facilities. What distinguishes us is our consistent and steadfast quality management practices. Applying the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model, obtaining ISO 9001 certification, focusing on processes, implementing the SIX SIGMA methods as well as remaining committed to Business Excellence 2.7MB (PDF) : all these factors combine to make us an ideal partner for top-quality products.

On June 16, 2008, after an extensive evaluation and qualification process (Success Story MGA-S 86.4KB (PDF) ) conducted in cooperation with representatives from the ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Center) in the Netherlands, we were the first Swiss company to have our MGA-S fuse certified (ESA Certificate 1.7MB (PDF) ) by and included in the Qualified Parts List of the ESCC (European Space Component Coordination), an ESA (European Space Agency) sub organization, thus also becoming the only European supplier of fuses holding that qualification. SCHURTER and its qualified part are listed on the ESCC Website, next to all other components qualified for use in space.

MGA-S is an SMD (Surface Mounting Device) fuse manufactured using thin film technology and hermetically encapsulated in a ceramic housing to form an extremely rugged unit meeting the extraordinary demands of the aerospace industry, such as:

Consistent xx properties, even when operating in a high-vacuum environment

G forces of up to 1600

For further information, please refer to the product press release containing the fuse's principal features or the product data sheet. Each unit is subjected, before shipping, to a specified burn-in test (168h at 85°C and 96% of the nominal current) to reduce practically to zero the failure rate during operation. The fuses are used as short-circuit protectors for various on-board modules (payloads) in satellites. We will also make available a description of the qualification procedure (Fuse for Aerospace Industry 169.5KB (PDF) ) as white papers.

Please feel free to ask us for detailed product information or samples for qualification. As an alternative for demanding industrial applications, the MGA, while not burn-in tested, offers the same design features and hence similar characteristics.

For additional product information, please write to: your local Schurter hub in Europe contact@schurter.ch, North America info@schurterinc.com and Asia info@schurter.com.sg or send us your particulars, and we will contact you.

prod //cdn.schurter.com MGA-S-68018-121137