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Fuseholder Style Circuit Breakters is RoHS Compliant

T9 Series is First Lead-free Fuseholder Style Circuit Breaker

Schurter's new T9 series circuit breaker for equipment is free from lead and other hazardous materials as outlined by the European Union's Restriction on the Use of Hazardous Substance (RoHS). The new design is equipped with the same proven features, such as fuseholder body style, snap-in mounting (5/8" or 16mm diameter hole), and push-to-reset button. Its tripping operation is (cycling) trip-free.

Fuseholder style circuit breakers are ideal substitutes for panel fuses where inrush currents cause nuisance trips, or aging of the fusing element overtime. Resetting the circuit can avoid unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs associated with replacing fuses. Improper replacement with the wrong current rating is also prevented. The circuit breaker button extends to indicate when the circuit is interrupted. The button returns to depressed status when pushed-to-reset. The ampere rating is clearly visible on the face.

Typical applications include lighting, power tools, industrial appliances, medical diagnostic appliances, sports and hobby machinery, HVAC. The Schurter T9 series meets UL standard 1077 for Supplementary Protection, CSA C22.2.235, EN 60934 and GB 17701. cURus, VDE and CCC approvals are pending. Current ratings range from 5-16 Amps at 240 Volts AC and 5-8 Amps at 48 Volts DC, 10-16 Amps at 32 Volts DC. Terminals are ¼" or 6.3 mm quick-disconnect.

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