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Industrial labels

Stand out with advertising stickers from SCHURTER.

Stand out with advertising stickers from SCHURTER.

Industrial labels

It's possible that you haven't even given it a thought, but stickers and other imprints are all around you. Most of them might no longer be conspicuous to you. Obviously that's not a fate you'd wish for when it comes to your own stickers. SCHURTER will bolster your pictorial logo with a Sticker that does continue to catch the eye!

Your image is partly determined by what your pictorial logo exudes. You can influence this in a variety of ways. Using Stickers from SCHURTER will provide you with an efficient means of bringing your pictorial logo to the attention of your customers. The high quality we supply means that our Stickers continue to catch the eye!

Benefits of SCHURTER Stickers

 • Our Stickers are affordable

 • Our Stickers are suitable for small and large print runs

 • Our Stickers have a wide array of possible uses

 • We offer a wide array of different processing options and finishes

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Advertising stickers + custom industrial labels - so many uses, so many solutions

Stickers are suitable for a vast number of uses and it needs to be possible for them to be used in an extremely varied array of environments. SCHURTER will supply you with top-quality stickers, leaving it to you to choose from the manifold processing techniques and materials. Stickers from SCHURTER will always retain their quality and image.

Stickers are predominantly used to bolster the potency of the image you wish to exude. SCHURTER Stickers are often used to present a pictorial logo in an affordable and yet effective way. Our experience and expertise ensure that your Sticker will continue to catch people's eye, in whatever setting that might be!

Materials and Techniques

Custom printed labels: vinyl stickers, thermal labels, plastic labels, etc.

Stickers from SCHURTER present a vast array of options with which you can have your pictorial logo take shape. Examples include vinyl stickers, thermal labels, plastic labels, etc. We have an abundance of techniques and materials that we use for our custom industrial labels, and the possibilities are endless.

There is a huge number of different types of material that can be used for our Stickers. Polyester, vinyl or polycarbonate are used a lot, but other materials are also extremely well suited to being used for Stickers. One very interesting option is retroreflective material, which is commonly used on such things as traffic signs.

Choice of adhesive material for Sticker

In addition to the different materials for the Sticker itself, a great deal is also possible in terms of the choice of adhesive material. The manifold options we offer mean there is an optimum solution for any surface. Thus enabling you to ensure that your pictorial logo is truly omnipresent with the Stickers from SCHURTER!

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