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Effective identification with industrial labels.

Effective identification with industrial labels.

Industrial labels

Industrial labels are used pretty much everywhere. SCHURTER is keen to home in on your need for durable labels that communicate your information for the long term. The industrial labels from SCHURTER will enable you to achieve this.

Our industrial labels are designed and produced to the customer's specifications and convey information effectively. Labels are increasingly featuring barcodes and dot matrix codes to enhance the clarity of information.

Benefits of SCHURTER Labels

 • Labels are affordable

 • Highly suitable for small and large print runs

 • Extremely wide array of possible uses

 • Barcode and dot matrix code available

 • A wide array of processing options and finishes

 • Extremely resistant to high temperatures

 • Resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents

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Usage / Uses

Catch the customer's eye effectively with sticker labels

The sticker labels from SCHURTER are used for a huge number of applications and in a vast array of environments. Many of our customers use labels to ensure effective identification of their products. Choosing from the manifold different techniques and materials enables us to offer perfect sticker labels for any application.

All applications are different. So too are the requirements set for them. Hence the requirements our Labels have to fulfil are different each time as well. Our experience and expertise enable us to incorporate each and every requirement into our sticker labels. Even for markets with highly specific requirements! Thus assuring you that your products will continue to be readily identifiable!

Materials and Techniques

Durable labels made of polyester, vinyl, polycarbonate or aluminium

Designations for name, type and product can be rendered in a vast number of different ways on a label. There is unlimited choice in terms of the materials and techniques we can use. Which is why our durable labels will always fulfil their purpose!

You can choose from a wide array of materials for our durable labels. We usually use polyester, vinyl, polycarbonate or aluminium, but other materials are also very well suited to being used as a Label. It goes without saying that this is also down to the application for which the durable labels are intended to be used.

Choice of various adhesive layers for labels

Our durable labels can be used with a variety of adhesive layers. This enables our Labels to be used on any surface and in nigh on all environments! Thus assuring you that important information never escapes your customer's attention, wherever they are.

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